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The web server at is starting to get to an age where we have to replace it with a new solution.
We would like to shut down the web server on this machine January 31 2010. The machine will be left running for another month to allow users to retrieve any data they might have forgotten. If all goes according to the plan it will be shut down February 28 2010.

Users who have content on the hilton server and wish to keep this content on the net are recommended to look through the list of new web hotel services at UiB. Then we would like you to create an issue in our IssueTracker where you mention which website(s) you want to move and where you would like to move it to.
If you want to use one of our managed solutions we will try our best to move your content to one of these solutions. Should this for some reason be difficult/impossible you will get to move your content to a server similar to (but with more upgraded software and hardware than)

As for the “hilton-equivalent” webserver we will be demanding that the solutions that run on this server are being kept up to date. Web applications/frameworks that are not updated for security issues will get a warning and then be taken down if the problem is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Websites that are full of spam, sending unwanted email or compromised in other ways will be taken down immediately.

A list of currently registered websites at is available here.

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